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Lena kholkina

Grace by Janneke van der Hagen & Styled by Lyson Marchessault for Novembre Magazine, S/S14.

Shane LynamUntitled, 2013

it’s funny because I always thought I knew I was falling in love because of sexual feelings towards the person but now that I am (scarily falling possibly in love (vom)) I have realised love is how happy and radiant you feel just being in that persons presence


CTI 981 | Firn & Fire

Anonymous asked: whatcha listening to lately??

All these hella rad Snakadaktal remix’s and just snakadaktal really, I’m just very sad and down about them being finished as a band so I’m keeping them alive in my heart a lot right now. Been feeling a bit of Drake as well and Chet Faker and Broods.


Javier José Serrano

Anonymous asked: What do you think about a girl making the moves on a guy?

Wellllll, I say hell yeah sista! But that’s the type of person I am and that works for me cos I go for what I want (with a strong instinct of course) and it usually plays out nicely. If you like someone you’d be surprised how much you both probably are thinking maybs he doesnt or maybs she doesnt like me and so nothing happens cos girls and boys are stupid as is the person who thought up the idea that only boys can make the first move 100% outdated n stupid

guys ily a girl who shows the right amount of interest because even boys get their stomachs in a twist about us girls and our mixed signals which we usually give off because we’re protecting our own heartsss when the matter of fact is we both doubt the amount of like for each other

moral of my essay is live a yolo life ex oh


Bare All: King Krule Shot By Rene Vaile
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